About Twice the Gift

Twice the Gift is a cooperative effort for non-profit organizations. It seeks to build on the strengths of a diverse cross section of non-profits to act as a source of funding and, more importantly, to raise awareness of the missions and work of the members. The Pohlad Family Foundation created and funded Twice the Gift (TTG) and ran the operation for the years 2007 and 2008. From inception, the goal was for the project to “sprout wings and fly”, by operating more independently in the near and longer-range future.  The vision was to make Twice the Gift the “go to place” for supporting deserving nonprofit organizations.

For 2009 and the future, the Pohlad Family Foundation was looking for a non-profit organization which would take over operation of both the "brick and mortar" and the internet operation of the vision which they had set forth. Partnership Resources, Inc., an organization that provides services for adults with deveopmental disabilities, was awarded ownership and responsibility for Twice the Gift. The foundation’s official announcement was delivered by letter to participating local nonprofits by Senior Program Officer, Terry Egge:

“The Pohlad Family Foundation is pleased to announce that Partnership Resources, Inc. (PRI) will be taking over the management of the retail operation and website development of Twice the Gift (TTG).”

For 2010, the Wells Fargo Foundation along with the Pohlad Family Foundation will provide financial support for the store's operational costs. Participating organizations will continue to provide unique products and gift ideas including share card donations. Furthermore, TTG’s unique partnership of like-mined nonprofits joining forces will continue to greatly increase the awareness level of the community as a whole. Through this venue, generous individuals will contribute to many deserving causes all at once and all at one place!

It is PRI’s intention to further develop the TTG concept and expand sales and fundraising opportunities. PRI CEO Norm Munk added:

“We believe that TTG is an exciting business concept that can grow and evolve into a major player in the ever changing businesses of retail, virtual shopping and dynamic fundraising.”


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